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Mr. Molloy

Educational  Background: Vista High School, California State University San Marcos (BA) and San Diego State University (MA)

Classes Taught at Elsie Allen:  Government, World History and AVID

Other Assignments:  


Hobbies:  Disc Golf, Bicycles, Watching La Liga (Barca!), Hiking and run/walking trails, Crossfit, SUP and Cooking

Back to School Night 2020 and Classroom Syllabus

Economic Syllabus

AVID Syllabus


Period 0 - AVID 12th Grade Presentation

Period 3 - AVID 9th Grade Presentation

Period 3 - AVID 10th and 11th Grade Presentation

Periods 1, 4,5,6 - Economics Presentation



Richard Molloy Contact Information

Phone:  (707) 890-3810 Ext. 53268


Classroom: N-3

Classroom Resources

Mr. Molloy's Google Classroom Links can be found above!

Mr. Molloy's Google Voice (phone or text): 707-636-4319